15 Best Travel Tips on the Whole Internet

We scoured the web far and wide to bring you the absolute best travel tips out there!

1) Embrace the Joy of Missing Out. — Indie Traveller

We’re all too familiar with FOMO, but every traveler needs a healthy dose of JOMO too. It’s impossible to visit every city or every landmark, and you’ll enjoy yourself more if you acknowledge your limits. Travel is best experienced when you’re immersed in the present moment and not worried about doing everything.

2) Buy luggage in crazy colours. Or at the very least, tie on a distinctive ribbon. Real Simple

A black or red suitcase seems like a great choice in the store, but you will realize this is a giant mistake as soon as you get to the baggage claim. If crazy hues are not your cup of tea, buy a colourful ribbon or keychain from the dollar store and tie it on.

3) Travel at unconventional times to save money and have a more authentic experience – Neverending Footsteps

Sure it’s appealing to head to Europe in July, but you’ll be joining hoards of tourists—which means inflated prices, big crowds and less-than-thrilled locals. If your schedule allows for it, travel during shoulder seasons to stretch your money further. Plus, locals will be more receptive to helping out and making friends with tourists when they’re not part of a huge crowd.

4) Bring a change of clothes in your carry-on – Girl Tweets World

After hour and hours on a stuffy airplane, you wouldn’t believe how good it feels to change into a fresh pair of clothes. Especially if your destination has different weather than where you started, you’ll be grateful you thought ahead and threw a pair of shorts in your bag.

5) Before you leave, put a travel alert on your credit card. – The Everywhereist

That way, if your bank detects something out-of-the-ordinary, such as hefty charges in foreign countries, they’ll know your account hasn’t been compromised. Otherwise, you run the risk that your bank will freeze your account, leaving you stranded abroad without funds.

6) Make sure you’re cautious when using free public wifi – Ordinary Traveler

Before you get too excited about finding functioning wifi in your destination, remember that connections may not be secure so it’s best to avoid going on bank websites or buying anything online. For more sensitive sits, hotels probably have a more reliable connection than a random little sandwich shop.

7) Grocery stores are an amazing way to eat “off the beaten path.” – news.com.au

Not only are grocery stores your cheapest and healthiest option, but they also allow you to try authentic foods and avoid overpriced touristy fare. Also you know you’re trying fresh and authentic local flavours, and not overprices touristy fare.

8) Nervous flyer? Find an activity that activates a flow state. – On the Luce

One of the best ways to combat any flying anxiety is to find something that puts you in a flow state where you can be completely absorbed in a task. There are lots of ways to achieve this—colouring, reading, journalling, doing crossword puzzles or sudokus to name a few.

9) Pack a scarf. You’ll be amazed at how often it comes in handy. – Expert Vagabond

According to A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a towel “is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” Same thing goes for earthly travelers and scarves. They’re an amazingly versatile and useful thing to have—you can use it as a blanket on a cold flight, bunch it up as a pillow, use it to cover up if you have to dress modestly to visit religious sites.

10) Bring a reusable water bottle that flattens. – Thrify Nomads

Buying a new water bottle every time you’re thirsty adds up quickly. Instead, bring a reusable water bottle that flattens so you’re always covered. (Make sure you research first if the tap water is clean first. If not, boil water before bottling it.)

11) Get local cash before you go – The Hungry Traveler

Getting a bit of local cash beforehand takes away the pressure of scrambling to exchange money at the airport. Instead, you can grab a bite to eat and head to your hotel after a long flight and get more cash the next day.

12) Travel rewards cards are your best friend. – Nomadic Matt

Getting a travel rewards credit card adds up quick and can give you free airfare and flights within a few short months. Nomadic Matt is a guru of this—check out his resources here (link.)

13) Find cheap and unique souvenirs at grocery stores. – Air Canada

Let’s face it, nobody wants another generic keychain or t-shirt from your trip (however witty and self-referential it tries to be.) Instead, give your friends and fam a taste of the local culture. Dulce de leche from Buenos Aires, olives from Florence or spices from Mumbai make awesome gifts. And they’re easy on the wallet, too.

14) The ultimate way to pack light? Pack for 7 days and find a laundromat. – Tortuga Backpacks

Instead of hauling around 2-3 weeks of clothes around with you everywhere, try packing a week’s worth of clothes and finding a laundromat. It’s an easy way to have a light suitcase and plenty of empty space if you like to shop.

15) Browse incognito for better prices – World of Wanderlust

Websites will often hike up fares based on your search history when they know you’re interested. Open up an incognito window to avoid this.


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