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Egyptian cuisine is rich, flavourful and hearty. Here are the classic dishes you can’t visit Cairo without trying. 1) Knafeh Knafeh is a sweet pastry made of shredded phyllo dough soaked in sugary syrup and stuffed with cheese. It’s then baked until golden brown, sprinkled with rose water and garnished with crushed pistachios or pine nuts. 2) Koshari Often referred to as the national dish of Egypt, koshary is a definite favourite among locals. It is made of macaroni, lentils, rice, chickpeas and onions, and topped with a tangy tomato vinegar sauce.

Buenos Aires is full of delicious and flavourful cuisine. Don’t leave until you’ve tried each of these classic dishes! 1) Alfajors These delicious Latin American treats come in tons of varieties, but the traditional ones consist of 2 vanilla cookies sandwiching a generous layer of creamy dulce de leche, sprinkled with shredded coconut. You’ll find them at cafes everywhere and they go great with a cafe con leche. 2) Asado Asado means barbecue in Spanish. Argentines are famous for their asado, and they’ll often get together and grill lots of types of meat all

Seoul is famous for its fun and unconventional themed cafes—here are our favourites! 1) Tom’s Cat Cafe Seoul has many cat cafes where you can enjoy a bit to eat with the company of lots of furry feline friends! Tom’s Cat Cafe is a popular one with trendy decor and friendly staff. 2) Cafe Drama Cafe Drama is a cafe where you can play dress-up with hundreds of beautiful gowns. You can flip through a catalogue while you sip a drink, and then go try on extravagant dresses. They even offer photography and

Prague is a beer lover’s paradise—here are some tips and fun facts. 1) Prague has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. Yup, it’s true. The average Prague resident consumes a whopping 142.6 litres of beer every year. That’s about 301 pints or 432 bottles. 2) You can literally bathe in beer if you want to. Chodovar is a hotel, restaurant and spa that actually offers a treatment where you bathe in warm beer for 20 minutes. In addition to being relaxing, the spa claims that this treatment helps improve psoriasis

From grungy ruin bars to funky boat bars, Budapest’s nightlife won’t leave you disappointed. 1) Lánchíd Söröz Lanchid Soroz is a friendly neighbourhood pub known for its comfy vibes and retro decor. The walls are adorned with classic Hungarian ads and movie posters. Grab a craft beer and relax with friends old and new. 2) A38 Hajo A38 Hajo is a modern nightlife venue situated on a repurposed Ukranian ship. Today it hosts concerts, cultural events and dance parties. It’s a great place to hang out, grab a drink and mingle. 3) Szimpla Kert Ruin

Tokyo is home to a vibrant culinary scene—are you brave enough to try its more bizarre foods? 1) Flavoured Kit Kats Let’s start off with something tame, shall we? Japan produces Kit Kat bars in over 200 flavours ranging from delicious (matcha, cherry blossom, creme brulee) to questionable (wasabi, baked potato, soya sauce.) 2) Chicken Sashimi While we often think of sashimi as only fish, chicken sashimi is also fairly common in Tokyo. Restauranteurs swear it’s safe to eat, and enthusiasts claim it’s tender and flavourful. You be the judge! 3) Natto Natto is a dish made of fermented

Phuket is a foodie’s paradise—here are the dishes you can’t miss! 1) Pad Thai There’s no shortage of pad thai in North America, but the greasy takeout stuff it doesn’t hold a candle to the real deal. Try authentic pad thai at Pad Thai Shop, a restaurant frequented by locals and tourists alike. 2) Satay No visit to Phuket is complete without trying satay, which are seasoned grilled meat skewers. Number 6 is a cozy joint that serves delicious and inexpensive satay. 3) Spicy Green Papaya Salad This tasty salad is made of shredded green papaya, green beans, tomatoes, chilies and

Barcelona‘s cuisine is full of mouthwatering and unique flavours—don’t miss out on these classic dishes. 1) Tapas El Xampanyet is an authentic tapas bar. Don’t let the lineup drive you away—the food is worth the wait. 2) Paella Botefumeiro Restaurant serves up a variety of fresh and delicious seafood, and their signature paella is no exception. 3) Flan Granja La Pallaresa is a dessert cafe that serves mouthwatering flan, churros, hot chocolate and more. 4) Cafe con Leche Try a cafe con leche (translates to “coffee with milk”) at Granja Petitbo, a funky cafe with

Because being vegan shouldn’t mean ordering the salad for dinner.   1. Chennai, India Vegans rejoice! Chennai is full of flavourful vegan food, and you won’t have to go to a dedicated vegan restaurant to get it either. The typical South Indian diet is mostly vegan, so you won’t have to go out of your way to find delicious and nutritious meals. Staples of South Indian cuisine include rice, lentils, potatoes and corn. Expect hearty meals with intricately spiced sauces.   Visiting Chennai? Check out this itinerary full of fun things

If you’re visiting London, you can’t miss these delicious classics!   1) Scones with Clotted Cream (Image: Wikipedia / Foowee) Visit Bea’s of Bloomsbury for Afternoon Tea complete with tea and a wide assortment of pastries. But be sure to make a reservation in advance—Bea’s is very popular.   2) Beef Wellington (Image: Wikipedia) Rules Restaurant is known far and wide for its perfectly cooked Beef Welly.   3) Full English Breakfast  (Image: Wikipedia / Freaky Fries) The Breakfast Club in Soho is an 80’s themed joint that serves up all

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