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Toronto is a city that’s bursting with multiculturalism—after all, over half of its citizens were born outside of Canada. Torontonians love to celebrate their exciting and diverse traditions. Combine that with a healthy dose of locally grown artistic talent, and you have Toronto’s vibrant summer festival scene. Tourists should take full advantage of these fun (and often free) offerings! 1) Salsa on St. Clair     Enjoy a weekend of Latin America dances, rhythms and flavours every summer in Toronto. A portion of St. Clair Avenue is closed down to make way for

Seoul is famous for its fun and unconventional themed cafes—here are our favourites! 1) Tom’s Cat Cafe Seoul has many cat cafes where you can enjoy a bit to eat with the company of lots of furry feline friends! Tom’s Cat Cafe is a popular one with trendy decor and friendly staff. 2) Cafe Drama Cafe Drama is a cafe where you can play dress-up with hundreds of beautiful gowns. You can flip through a catalogue while you sip a drink, and then go try on extravagant dresses. They even offer photography and

Dubai is a city full of record-breaking attractions that are bigger, better and faster than anywhere else in the world. Make sure you visit some of its most impressive feats! 1) Dubai Miracle Garden Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden. The expansive botanical garden covers over 21,000 square feet and contains over 109 million flowers. 2) Dubai Mall The Dubai Mall is largest mall in the world, and it has over 1200 shops. Not only does it have stores as far as the eye can see, but the

Tokyo is home to a vibrant culinary scene—are you brave enough to try its more bizarre foods? 1) Flavoured Kit Kats Let’s start off with something tame, shall we? Japan produces Kit Kat bars in over 200 flavours ranging from delicious (matcha, cherry blossom, creme brulee) to questionable (wasabi, baked potato, soya sauce.) 2) Chicken Sashimi While we often think of sashimi as only fish, chicken sashimi is also fairly common in Tokyo. Restauranteurs swear it’s safe to eat, and enthusiasts claim it’s tender and flavourful. You be the judge! 3) Natto Natto is a dish made of fermented

We really weren’t kidding when we said “amusement.”   1. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi If you were wondering why the UAE has a reputation for luxury and excess, then look no further than Ferrari World. The mammoth amusement park breaks countless world records. Not only is the largest indoor amusement park in the world (covering over 2 million square feet), but it is also home to the world’s fastest roller coaster (which reaches speeds of over 240 km/h.) Wanna see Ferrari World for yourself? Check out this fully-planned 3 day

Psshtt, and you thought museums were boring! 1. Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun As if contemporary art weren’t already weird enough, Cancun is home to an art museum that is located entirely underwater! The exhibit is made up of over 500 sculptures that bring attention to environmental conservation issues. Scuba diving and snorkelling are the most popular ways to view the collection, but you can also catch the action on a tour from a glass-bottomed boat. Wanna visit the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun? Check out this itinerary!

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